4 Tips to Technology Improving the Senior Caregiving Experience

4 Tips to Technology Improving the Senior Caregiving Experience

Technological advancements have made it viable to monitor patients remotely while at home or in skilled care. And this bodes well as we are seeing a massive shift in the caregiver community.

We have been talking a lot about burnout, and rightfully so. There has been an exodus in employment with long-term relationships, burnout being a contributing factor.

As leaders in the healthcare community, we need to protect our valuable and vulnerable caregiver workforce and loved ones. When workers or family must mold into the role of caregiver, it is the immediate need being thought of and not thought deeper into the realistic nature of how long that role may go on. The role of caregiver, paid or unpaid, can last tens of years and can become demanding and all-consuming.

We have seen and experienced first-hand the reality of this.  

If you are looking for easy tips to drive peace of mind in caregiving and improve the caregiving experience for older adults here a few things you can do:

  • Tip #1: Find devices that learn from you and are simple to use

One of the most important elements to think about when evaluating technology is the ease of use and quality of communication tools available. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are here to improve the way we learn and help us change for the better.

A result-oriented solution that is personalized and based on data driven insight will enhance monitoring and recognize early differentiators to health changes. Coupling that with the ability to engage a whole caregiving team via SMS text, phone calls, online support services and integrated physician and therapy chats can mean the difference between reactivity versus proactivity in caregiving.

  • Tip #2: Find a community that connects with you

Online engagement platforms and quick access to loved ones and support networks can establish relationships and decrease feelings of anxiety over isolation or lack of information. Engaging in a community of like-minded individuals or having access to feedback or professional support can reduce stress, worry and overall anxiety.

  • Tip #3: Define your needs early and get the facts

You no longer need to be overwhelmed by lack of knowledge, wait days/weeks to see a doctor, increase exposure to germs, or lack follow-up care. Access to unique, easy-to-use platforms that can connect you with doctors or therapists for virtual consultations anywhere or anytime or provide remote monitoring opportunities with Bluetooth devices or artificial intelligence provides much ease of mind. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has uncovered ways for providers to use tools to determine next steps in treatment and now this is available to bring into your home for everyday caregivers to utilize and help balance safety and autonomy. Healthcare does not need to be a struggle. 

  •  Tip: #4: Find a cost-effective solution

The most difficult step for most of us is money. Or maybe, the fear of cost. The two are related. Many are fearful of being unable to afford or pay for healthcare. Fear drives so many of our decisions and pushes us farther away from peace of mind.

Easy, convenient access to high quality healthcare can save a lot of pain and money. AI-enabled and machine learning technology provides the opportunity to address a rising risk and deliver care sooner leading to the delivery of patient services seamlessly and at a lower cost from emergent care. A proactive approach to senior caregiving will improve user health and reduce overall cost.

But what about the cost of the devices we are looking to use as well? The key is to look for simple pricing with no surprises and a primary focus to help you, your loved one or organization improve the quality of life and healthcare experience.

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