Strategies of Success To Avoid Hospital Readmission While Working With Home Care Providers

Strategies of Success To Avoid Hospital Readmission While Working With Home Care Providers

We’ve all heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”.

So, what do you look for in partnering with a home care agency?

The integration of home care into a patient’s plan of care following a health episode assists to ensure there are lessened chances of rehospitalization or a resurgence of health issues. Home care strategies can add value to those aging in place as a proactive solution or assist as a partnership to those returning home following a skilled care or hospital stay.

Here are tips for what to look for to reduce the chances to return to a hospital:

Identify risks for potential readmissions

Education on warning signs and symptoms lead to early detection and intervention for proactive disease management. Working with a company who offers education to patients and their care providers is key to having successful clinical outcomes. Knowledge is power and informed patients and caretakers lead to a higher quality of care, increased engagement, and independence in the home.

Increase quality of care opportunities

Having the opportunity of a full range of home health services from domestic help to skilled nursing care, telemedicine, and therapy services allows patients to remain at home while maintaining their independence, dignity and preferences. Home health care professionals can provide social interaction and companionship leading to specific health benefits stemming from the creation of meaningful relationships. These relationships can lead to lower blood pressure, reduced risk for mental health issues, and reduced risk for Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular problems, and other conditions.

Optimize the use of technology

Using automated tools to deliver better health and quality outcomes helps to ensure comprehensive communication and tracking among all caregivers. You can optimize care coordination by working with a company who can add touchpoints in between home visits. Working with agencies who offer telehealth, telemedicine, and remote monitoring options can work to ensure patients concerns are addressed before a readmission occurs. By leveraging technology within an organization, home care providers can proactively identify patients at risk of readmission.

Understand language barriers can exist and work with a home care provider who can create a comprehensive team where information is shared among all.

A lack of diverse language skills with caregivers can put some people at higher risk of adverse events or hospital readmissions. This is an ongoing challenge as noted by Nightingale staff who work to ensure all patients – from English, Portuguese, to Spanish speaking and more – receive the care they need in the language they need to understand. As the United States shifts – statistics show 1 in 5 households speak a language other than English at home – the demand for home health care services in a diverse arena is much needed.

Our goal at Home Care Providers – Nightingale Visiting Nurse, Nightingale Home Health and Aspire Home Health – is to work with our patients to enable the most autonomy possible in the most comfortable place - home.

The right in-home care agency will help to reduce caregiver stress and ensure access to resources and top-level services that help establish a heightened quality of care, education opportunities for proactive disease management, and reduction in length of stay visits or hospital admissions.

Jim Rohn speaking on personal development said, “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

We want to work with you to adjust your direction (sails) so there are no increased health risks or hospital readmissions.

Get In-Home Support

Whether you need skilled nursing care, therapy services, or in-home caregiver services for a loved one, Home Care Providers - Nightingale Home Health, Nightingale Visiting Nurse, and Aspire Home Health can help. We give you the support you need to provide the best care for your loved one. Request a personalized quote from your local Home Care Provider organization.


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