Patient Safety Awareness Week: The Impacts on Senior Care

Patient Safety Awareness Week: The Impacts on Senior Care

Healthcare has become complex as we now see the use of new medicines, treatments and technologies such as telehealth, remote patient monitoring and more happening in senior care.

Every March, one week is dedicated to encourage people to learn more about health care safety.

What is Patient Safety Awareness Week?

During Patient Safety Awareness Week there is an importance of recognizing the need for discussions that can help inspire a movement focusing on safety in the healthcare system for employees and patients.

Healthcare safety is not something that happens overnight.

Healthcare safety is a culture and practice that is engrained into an organization and company. By individuals and healthcare companies taking the time to evaluate, recognize, and discuss current practices, we can continue to raise the bar on patient safety and care.

How do WE bring awareness?

Open communication among co-workers.

Communication is a key component to sharing best practices and an integral part of patient safety. The opportunity to share successes, techniques, and

Collaboration with patients and their families.

We feel families are an important part of the care team and integral to a patient focused recovery and success. We work hard to keep the entire care team connected including the loved ones.

Creating a culture of safety.

Like we said, a culture of safety is not something that happens overnight. We work with current and new employees on education opportunities – like Nightingale University and more - and promote collaboration along the way. Maintaining a culture of safety through education allows us to always improve the quality of care across our organizations.

How can YOU join in on Patient Safety Awareness?

About Home Care Providers

Home Care Providers companies – Nightingale Home Health, Nightingale Visiting Nurse, and Aspire Home Health – provides care in the comfort of ones own home and recognizes the success of our work we do with patients, families, hospitals, physicians and more is determined by your success.

We provide education and resources on how to care for family members in their own environment and assist in arranging needed equipment, technology (remote monitoring, telehealth, fall prevention and more), and training.

Home Care Providers provides personalized, high-quality care with the most innovative technology allowing physicians, families, and care teams to stay connect compliance by documenting and communicating within a secure portal. We want our patients, families, physicians, hospitals, and any facility we coordinate care with to experience THE BEST services possible!  


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