Occupational Therapy Month: THANK YOU to our OTs!

Did you know April is dedicated to celebrating occupational therapists and bringing awareness to the profession?

The greatest strength of occupational therapy (OT) is being able to tailor treatment plans to each patient’s individual needs, life, abilities and limitations. Occupational therapy bridges an often overlooked gap between evidence-based recovery science and the art of adaptive technologies and creative problem solving. 

A big Thank You to our OTs!

Home Care Providers is dedicated to well-rounded patient care and our Occupational Therapists are essential in ensuring our patients are as independent and as comfortable as possible in their own environments.


 “I absolutely love being an OT. For every inch my patients have lost, occupational therapy has the ability to return a mile of potential. Some skills we as OTs can help recover, while some skills may appear lost at first. At that point, however, the world opens up and allows for more creative adaptations and solutions. Every visit I make, every treatment, every evaluation has the potential to give something back to someone who has lost so much. Each patient and each family has individual needs, and building close relationships and trust with them gives me the opportunity to develop creative, mindful, and unique solutions. One size fits all does not exist in occupational therapy because everyone has different needs and abilities. The constant challenge to modify and adapt techniques and tools on an individual basis energizes my passion for this career. As much as I give to my patients, they give me ten fold in return: the stories, the laughs, and the memories. I hold a special place in my heart for the many patients I have seen in the last 10+ years." - Jessica Mello, MA OT

How did OT begin?

The field of OT has grown through the years. Occupational Therapy first focused on engaging those with severe mental health issues in meaningful tasks to enhance their quality of life and now focuses on the overall task of teaching adaptive techniques to those with pain, injuries, illnesses or disabilities.

The aging population is set to double by 2030 and similarly, employment rates for OTs is projected to grow by 17% by this same time frame, according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics. This is faster than the average for other professions!

How do our OTs impact our community?

Here are some key items our therapists in home care focus on:

  • Developing treatment plans to address their patient’s needs and meet specific goals for daily routines and self-management
  • Incorporating functional strategies to manage and maintain product lifestyles beyond physical challenges or limitations, including daily planning, money management, and leisure activities
  • Assessing their patient’s home environment and recommending adaptations to fit their needs and increase independence
  • Educational opportunities on proper usage of adaptive equipment
  • Stress relief techniques

It is important for occupational therapists to have a strong sense of compassion and empathy for their patients and families within their line of work. We see first-hand how many occupational therapists are drawn to this profession stemming from a desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Remember to thank your local OTs this month for their contribution and follow #OTMonth on social media to engage together in honor of the profession.

Are you an OT looking to make an impact in home healthcare? Check out our career page here.

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