3 Trends Shaping Care At Home

3 Trends Shaping Care At Home

From home health care for aging in place, remote monitoring and streamlining care provider scheduling, these are the growth areas that are showing to shape healthcare this year and beyond.

2022 continues to demonstrate to be a year of growth and innovation. As patients and healthcare providers, we look around the healthcare industry and we see new technology being used to help streamline care and help people live safer and more independent lives.

Dr. Dev Brar, President of Home Care Providers and Source of Life Technologies, has focused on applying his expertise in healthcare for many years and continues to look to transform the way services can be delivered. “We will continue to see growth in the areas of home care, telemedicine, personalized preventative/safety devices, and software capabilities to help reduce stress on staff, caregivers and the elder population,” says Brar.

Here are 3 trends we think will continue to impact healthcare and only increase in presence:

Heightened access to virtual care:

We all saw an influx of virtual care during the beginning months of the pandemic. As we continue down this path studies show telemedicine has the potential to improve access to healthcare and heighten overall quality of care initiatives. Looking even deeper, telemedicine could improve access to other areas of services such as mental or behavioral health and proactive disease management for chronic illnesses. As patients and providers continue to evaluate their comfort levels and learn how to streamline processes, it is evident telehealth can definitely increase care initiatives.

Increased Remote Patient Monitoring usage:

The availability for response services and patient monitoring for aging in place continues to rise. Mobile apps with integrated connectivity solutions to physicians, families, and caregivers are at the forefront for communities and offer a comprehensive and dynamic monitoring solution. The use of remote patient monitoring systems that are data driven provides reliable metrics that can offer insights into habits and assist in reducing the number of emergency level needs. According to Brar, the use of systems for fall prevention, such as the Mat of Life, works to connect entire teams, increase user engagement and independence to allow individuals to increase their quality of life and autonomy.

Optimization of caregiver accessibility and scheduling:

The key to better manage home care delivery is in the need for automation to gain transparency with providers, decrease burnout and stress, and deliver exceptional experiences for patients. Mobile apps and platforms that connect entire caregiving teams help create a whole picture of patient needs and services. Turning to automation to do more with less is here! People are looking to eliminate manual work and spreadsheets and finding solutions that engage, monitor, and track care teams in real time.

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